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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Jan Vesely Told He'll Be Washington Wizards' Pick, According To Report

The Washington Wizards hold the No. 6 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and it increasingly appears like they will use that pick on Czech forward Jan Vesely. Draft Express' latest NBA Mock Draft has Vesely heading to the Wizards at No. 6, and it reports that Vesely himself has been told he will be the guy.

Vesely appears to have received assurances from the Wizards that he's indeed the pick, according to reports from NBA teams who have spoken with his camp.

The Wizards still like Kentucky big man prospect Enes Kanter, but he is expected to go no later than No. 3 to the Utah Jazz, and the Wizards don't seem inclined to move up and take him at this moment. The team also likes Lithuanian center Jonas Valanciunas, but he is likely to wait another year before coming to the U.S., and the Wizards may not have that amount of time. San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard is also in the mix, but it seems like the Wizards prefer Vesely instead.

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