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NBA Mock Draft 2011: Chad Ford Has The Wizards Getting Help On The Perimeter

The 2011 NBA Draft is today, and all the rumors and speculation that has been swirling around for the past month or so is about to come to a head. ESPN's Chad Ford just came out with his (presumably) last 2011 NBA Mock Draft, and he has the Wizards adding some help on the perimeter with their two first round picks. The first, at No. 6 overall, has the Wiz taking Jan Vesely.

The Wizards need rebounding and would love it if Kanter was still on the board. They've also been huge fans of Vesely and would jump at the chance to take him here. His ability to run the floor would be a welcome fit alongside John Wall and JaVale McGee.

Based on the rumors we've heard this morning, Vesely certainly sounds like the pick. With the 18th overall pick, Ford has the Wizards taking a guy who has slid down the board from where he was originally projected in Colorado shooting guard Alec Burks.

Why is Burks, a player being considered as high as No. 7, sliding? It's a good question. He's one of the most promising players in the draft. His game is smooth, he gets to the basket and he has major upside. If the Wizards can steal him here, they'd walk away with a really great draft.

I don't really think that BUrks would last this long, but he would definitely be the best value if he did. But if you put him on the court between John Wall and Jan Vesely, I'm not sure there is an even average shooter in the bunch. Just something to think about.

In the second round Ford has the Wizards taking local product Jordan Williams from Maryland.