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NBA Draft 2011 Rumors: Jonas Valanciunas Favored By Cavaliers Over Enes Kanter, According To Report

The chances of Enes Kanter slipping all the way down to the Washington Wizards' pick at No. 6 are slim, but the odds may have improved slightly with the latest report from ESPN's Ric Bucher. According to Bucher, the Cleveland Cavaliers, who own the No. 4 pick, would take Lithuanian big man Jonas Valanciunas at No. 4 over Kanter, even though Valanciunas would likely stay in Europe next season.

This may help the Wizards land Kanter, but only if the Utah Jazz pass on him at No. 3. It appears they are leaning towards selecting Kanter over Kentucky's Brandon Knight, but if that changes, the Wizards would only need Toronto to pass on Kanter to take him at No. 6. All three dominos occurring is unlikely, but there is a chance they happen.

If Kanter doesn't slip, it looks more and more like Jan Vesely will be the Wizards' pick at No. 6.