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2011 NBA Draft: Jan Vesely Strengths and Weakness

The Wizards selected Jan Vesely with its first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Washington had targeted the 6-foot-11 forward from the Czech Republic, and snatched him up with the No. 6 pick overall. Let's grade out his strengths and weakness to see how he fits with the Wizards.

*Size: At 6-foot-11,Jan Vesely has terrific size at the small forward position. As the old adage goes, if you're going to miss, miss big.
*Motor: Vesely runs the floor and can finish around the rim in transition. Sir, meet John Wall. He will be running off everything, we suggest you try and keep up if you like easy points.

*Shooting: Jans Vesely is not a great shooter. This is not great, since the Wizards could really use a shooter.
*Defense: Has trouble staying in front of small forwards off the dribble, but needs to add weight to guard the post

Wild Card
Already becoming an Internet sensation after kissing his girlfriend on TV following his selection.

Here's a photo via Michael Lee:

Jans Vesely