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2011 NBA Draft: Chris Singleton Is 'Marking' Teams That Passed On Him

Chris Singleton was expected to go much sooner than the No. 18 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and ended up being the final player in the green room when the Washington Wizards picked him. In case you were wondering, Singleton isn't about to let anyone forget about that either.

In an interview with D.C. media following being selected, Singleton was asked about whether he was keeping track of the teams that passed on him. His answer?

"There were 17 picks, and I would say 15 teams that passed up on me," he said. "I'm marking that. This day is marked in history."

Later, Singleton went one step further. He was asked what he plans on doing to celebrate being picked in the draft.

"Celebrate? I'm just going to go mark off the teams that passed me up," he said. "Probably just cuss them out in my own words."

Wizards fans, I think you all are going to enjoy this draft pick.