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Jan Vesely's Girlfriend Is Eva Kodouskova, After A Long Investigation

One more item on Jan Vesely's girlfirend (the one kissed in this vide), and then we're done, I promise. In case there was still any doubt of her name, it is Eva Kodouskova. There are several "Evas" who are tall and play basketball in the Czech Republic, and tracking down the right one proved to be difficult. But SB Nation's Andy Hutchins did just that and wrote about it there.

Also, to drive the point home, the lede of Michael Lee's story in the Washington Post mentions her name:

NEWARK - Putting on that new, red, white and blue Washington Wizards cap was going to have to wait. When David Stern announced that the Wizards had selected Jan Vesely with the sixth pick in the 2011 NBA draft, the 21-year-old forward from the Czech Republic shot up from his seat, buttoned his suit jacket and looked right into the eyes of his longtime girlfriend, Eva Kodouskova.

So the mystery is solved. Anyway, for more laughs, here's Truth About It interviewing both Vesely and Kodouskova at the draft.