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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Is Bismack Biyombo The Next Serge Ibaka?

The guys over at SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of their 2011 NBA Mock Draft, and it's based around comparisons for each of the prospects in the first round. They give the Wizards Bismack Biyombo, a defensive power forward out of the Congo, with the sixth overall pick. Here is their comparison(s) for him.

If I said even-less-polished Josh Smith, would you think me a liar or a hater? (DX says "6'9 version of Dwight Howard." goes with Larry Sanders, who 90 percent of NBA fans couldn't tell you anything about.) The ESPN crew on draft day will just cut the crap and refer to Biyombo as "New Serge Ibaka."

Biyombo could be a great defensive player in the middle for Washington but I have to wonder if he duplicates too many things that JaVale McGee does to be a good fit. They would have to load up on offense on the wings. They have the Wizards doing just that with the 18th pick. They have the Wizards taking Jordan Hamilton out of Texas; whom they compare to Quentin Richardson.