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2011 NBA Draft: Jordan Hamilton Says He Felt 'Dizzy' During Washington Wizards Workout

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jordan Hamilton was one of six players the Washington Wizards brought in for a workout on Tuesday, and many mock drafts have the Texas small forward going near the Wizards' range at No. 18 in the 2011 NBA Draft. This workout was important for Hamilton if he wanted to impress the Wizards.

Afterwards, he wasn't so sure he did. Hamilton told reporters that the workout "started off rough" and that he felt "dizzy" through most of it.

"It started off rough. It's my fault. I didn't get nothing to eat, so I was feeling real dizzy," Hamilton said. "But I fought through it and played hard at the end."

When asked to elaborate, Hamilton said he "didn't get up early enough" to have time to get food, and it cost him during some of the harder portions of the workout.

"I just got real lightheaded and dizzy doing shooting drills," he said. "Then, we got in transition, and that was kind of hard for me at first. But then I just fought through it and continued to keep playing."

Hamilton was matched up a lot against San Diego State forward Kawhi Leonard, who the Wizards may take at No. 6. The two played a lot against each other in high school and were teammates in AAU, Hamilton said, so he is familiar with Leonard's game. As opposed to Leonard, who is trying to show he can shoot, Hamilton said he wants to show teams he can do more than just shoot.

"I want to show teams that I am explosive and I am athletic, that I'm not just a shooter. I can do other things too," he said.

Hamilton said this was his sixth workout, and the only one in which he didn't feel good about his performance.

"Today, I just hit that bump. I didn't get up early enough to get food, but that's my fault," he said.