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2011 NBA Draft: Kawhi Leonard Impressed With Jump Shot In Washington Wizards Workout

WASHINGTON D.C. - Kawhi Leonard was the headliner at the Washington Wizards' draft workouts on Tuesday, and he did well to answer his biggest question: his jump shot. It was a small sample size, but Leonard nailed four jumpers in a row in a fast-break drill and did well in free-throw line jumper drills.

Leonard has risen up the draft boards due to his defense and rebounding, but to make it in the pros, he knows he needs to make sure his jump shot is sound. He said he's specifically working on his catch-and-shoot jump shot more than anything.

"I'm just really working on, when the point guard's coming off the screen, when he penetrates and kicks out to me, I have to knock down that shot," he said. "Also, in transition. Or, if a guy is playing off me, jabbing him off and then lifting up and raising for the three and hitting it consistently."

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