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Phil Chenier Explains His Shaved Mustache, Recounts Steve Buckhantz's Wedding



After a two-week silence, Washington Wizards color commentator Phil Chenier finally revealed why he shaved his trademark mustache in an interview with


"There are two different answers. One, I was bored to death. I just started shaving one day, and I never stopped. That's probably the truth. The other [answer] is, I just wanted to do something different. So I just cut it off. I realize I'm getting attention from it, so it's a good thing."


So basically, he was bored. Also, Chenier talked about his TV partner Steve Buchkantz's recent wedding ("It wasn't a wedding. It was the wedding," he said), and revealed that he and his friends roasted him right before the wedding. Sadly, he declined to reveal those stories. Here's where we let our imagination run wild.