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Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown To Occur At Georgetown

Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls gave an interview to in which he discussed the upcoming Goodman League vs. Drew League summer basketball showdown in Washington D.C., scheduled for August 20. Rawls confirmed that the game is scheduled to take place at McDonough Arena on the campus of Georgetown University. He also said tickets will cost $20 and the plan is to have a basketball camp the day before.

It will be at Georgetown University. It's going to be $20 and you can pay at the door and we are also going to be selling tickets at certain places out in the streets. It will be good because on Friday we are going to have a camp for the kids. I really like that part about it. And then Saturday will be the main event. It's going to be packed.

Rawls said he plans on mixing up the Goodman League team to include both NBA players and other well-known participants in both leagues. Rawls also told SB Nation D.C. that he is working on securing a deal that would allow the game to be shown on television.