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Ticket Prices Set For Goodman League Vs. Drew League Showdown

General admission tickets to the August 20 matchup between Washington D.C.'s Goodman League and Los Angeles's Drew league will cost $25. Sixty-dollar VIP floor seats will also be sold. The game will be held at the Coolidge High School gym, which holds about 5000 fans. According to Dan Steinberg, tickets will go on sale next Friday at Downtown Locker Room. 

Twenty-five bucks is about what a savvy Wizards fan pays for mediocre game tickets, and $60 is about what the not-so-savvy fans pay for pretty much the same seats. The high prices, combined the move from Georgetown's McDonough Arena to a venue twice its size at Coolidge High School speak to the interest this game is attracting.

With two Wizards, free agent guard Nick Young and center JaVale McGee, playing for LA's Drew League, it remains to be seen how the home crowd will treat the two, who will ball in visiting players for the first time in their professional careers.