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Goodman League, Drew League Schedule Summer League Showdown

If you have any interest whatsoever in local hoops, you're going to want to circle August 20 on your calendar. That's the day that the Goodman League, the famous outdoor basketball league that plays at Barry Farms in Southeast D.C., is scheduled to take on the famous Drew League out in Los Angeles. Here's the announcement from Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls.

The Drew League (LA California) vs The Goodman League (South East Washington DC) is OFFICIALLY ON! AUGUST 20,2011 @ GTown's McDonough Arena @ 6:30pm! Doors will open at 3pm the BIG SHOW is 6:30pm! Got the confirmation this morning! More info to follow....but mark your calendars! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS COMING!

It's a titanic matchup between the two most famous summer leagues in the country. Several NBA players play in each over the summer. We all know about Kevin Durant playing in the Goodman League, but his teammate James Harden filled it up earlier this summer with 51 points in the Drew League. It's still not clear who plays for both teams, but seeing as how there are significant bragging rights on the line, it's going to be huge.

Or, as Rawls himself described it, it'll be like "Mayweather vs. Pacio [sic.].