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Goodman League, Drew League Continue Trash Talking After Capital Punishment

Did you all really think the trash talking between the Goodman League and Drew League would end once the actual game itself was over? Yeah, think again. The two leagues spent all day going back and forth on Sunday, with the Drew League crying foul over the controversial call at the end, the lack of clarity on the foul-out rule and the ticket fiasco. Meanwhile, the Goodman League pretty much shouted "SCOREBOARD" over and over again. 

If you're tired of this stuff, I don't blame you. If not, feel free to make the jump.

It started right after the game, when the Drew League posted this tweet, and snowballed from there.

A lot of Messy business went down in DC today, bootleg refs, and bootleg paid good money on the tickets and couldnt get in.WOWless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


The next day, the Goodman League posted this on its Facebook account.

Excuses, Excuses!....We are the CHAMPS and we won! We wear the Crown! A win is a win! GOODMAN LEAGUE IS DA BEST IN THE NATION! Dont make excuses DREW....we won! Dont call us names....but if you do call us ..CHAMPIONS.....WINNERS......NUMBER 1.....VICTORS.....VICTORIOUS....KINGS etc...You get the idea!

With no real retort, the Drew League went back to the tickets fiasco.

Rematch in LA is in the works..we would do it Right, bigger venue and wont ever leave ppl waiting outside that paid and couldnt get in. Smhless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply


Which then naturally prompted this response:

Refs, No foul out, crowd etc... whatever Drew fans excuse you have none cuz as I recall....DC fans back me up on this!.....Drew had the ball down one with 21 or so seconds on the clock....which means you all had the ball, no shot clock, and you HAD not ONE but TWO shots at a game winning shot!....SO you all had the advantage in the end and when it mattered most and YOU MISSED! = LOSS! Be mad at those who missed not us!

Finally, after spending all day talking past each other, the two leagues just started talking to each other:

@drewleague dont say "its no excuses" and then give us one.

@Inside_da_Gates can u just answer that 1 question please, thats all im asking ..why wasnt we aware of the no foul out rule?

@drewleague dont know but...ya had ball dwn one with 21 shot not ONE but TWO shots at win and MISSED both!

@Inside_da_Gates ok yea we missed the last shot, we fault ourselves for not playing our best.

@Inside_da_Gates oh so now u dont know?! Get out of here

@drewleague now ask yourself.....IS THAT THE QUESTION YOU SHOULD REALLY BE ASKING? all had the advantage and YOU missed! seriously?

@drewleague my bad I answered wrong.....I mean to say I DONT CARE...ya lost, ya blew it, you fucked up etc. still looking for excuses.

In the end, they cut it out and made nice. All in good fun, I suppose.

In the end @inside_da_gates got nothing but respect for @drewleague. All day!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply