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Javaris Crittenton Wanted For Alleged Murder, Had Good Reputation In Atlanta

For those in Atlanta that saw Crittenton in college and beyond, the news that he is wanted for murder in an alleged drive-by shooting of a 23-year old woman comes as a huge shock. Crittenton was a former captain of his high school team while accruing a 3.5 grade-point average. Most people who knew him well speak glowingly of him.

That's why the news is such a stunner, as Jason Kirk of SB Nation Atlanta writes.

The most important point of the matter is that a young mother is dead, but the most incredible is that one of the best athletes the city has ever produced is about to be arrested in suspicion of murder, and an especially senseless murder at that.

How does that happen?

It's a question so many people are asking now.

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