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Eddy Curry To Join LeBron James, Other Stars In D.C. Vs. Baltimore Exhibition, According To Report

Tuesday's exhibition between a team from Baltimore and a team from Washington D.C. features several big NBA stars. LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are expected to suit up for the Baltimore team, while Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins and Brandon Jennings are among those expected to play for the D.C. team.

They may be joined by a name NBA fans are probably curious to see. Eddy Curry, who has played only 10 games in the NBA since 2008, is expected to be on the Baltimore team, according to HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy.

Curry has struggled with weight issues since having a breakout year in 2006/07, but has reportedly lost nearly 100 pounds. The Miami Heat have continued to express interest in him, but have asked he lose the weight. If he is indeed playing in Tuesday's exhibition, it will give the Heat and NBA fans a glimpse of just how far he's come.