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VIDEO: Melo Vs. Goodman League Highlights, Featuring Kevin Durant Vs. LeBron James

Well, I guess we can confirm the untested hypothesis that a street ball team with Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James on it will play a pretty entertaining game of basketball. O, and Kevin Durant is pretty good too. Here is video of the best plays from Tuesday's Goodman League Vs. Melo League exhibition game in Baltimore.

To sum up, LeBron can still jump really high, Chris Paul is super good at dribbling and Kevin Durant shoots the lights out. We didn't really "learn" anything about these players, just how much fun "super teams" are in theory. Maybe not so much in practice, but that is a topic for another post.

Durant led the game in scoring with 59, but it was clearly LeBron James who seemed to occupy most of the highlights. Chris Paul was also pretty impressive running the show, and who knew Josh Selby and Eric Bledsoe could get up like that? The Goodman league game against the Drew League might have been a better game, but this one certainly seemed to be more entertaining.