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Goodman League Vs. Drew League Rematch Will Happen, Date Still Undetermined

Right after the Goodman League beat the Drew league under what we'll call "interesting circumstances" there have been rumblings that the two teams will get together for a rematch at some point in the near future in Los Angeles. Well, now we have word from what one has to assume is the highest source that a Goodman League Vs. Drew League rematch will be happening in Los Angeles at some point, but that a date had not been set yet.

Just got the Word, There will be a Drew vs. Goodman Game here in LA...Date has not been set yet. More info to come laterless than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

This has to be pretty exciting for everyone who wasn't able to catch the first round. Maybe they'll fly all the people who bought tickets to the first one but couldn't get in out to LA for this one? Can you tell that I was one of those people? I digress. . .

The last game these two teams played was extremely entertaining, and the second version should be just as much of a spectacle. If you live out in Los Angeles, this is definitely something you need to be going to.