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Chris Singleton Discusses His Summer, Calls Out Some Wizards Teammates

Chris Singleton, who was selected by the Wizards with the No. 18 pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, penned an op-ed in the Washington Times to discuss his draft experience, his summer plans and his thoughts on the NBA lockout. All of it is worth reading from a "this is interesting" standpoint, but there's one part that will probably stand out to most people.

Unprompted, Singleton noted the "gossip" about some players' off-court activities, and had this to say about it (emphasis mine):

I know the gossip about what some of these guys have been doing off the court, and frankly, some people need to grow up a little and eliminate some of that. But over time, we will develop our chemistry, and we'll make the city of D.C. proud of us.

The weird thing is there hasn't been a ton of reports this summer about any Wizards players getting in trouble while partying. The last one was when Andray Blatche was involved in "Lapdance Tuesday" at a Miami nightclub, and that was back in May. Obviously, there's something Singleton knows that we don't.

No matter what, it's definitely striking to hear a rookie make that sort of public statement about his teammates.