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Rashard Lewis Says He'll Sacrifice His Salary In NBA Lockout; Quotes Say Otherwise

I have no idea about the chronology of Michael Lee's interview with Rashard Lewis of the Washington Wizards on the NBA lockout, but I will say this: it seems a little weird to say something like this ...

"I’m willing to sacrifice my salary to get a fair deal. It’s only fair."

And the follow it up by saying something like this...

"I thought my agent did a good job of negotiating my contract, and at the time I was coming out of Seattle, averaging 23 points, playing well. It was perfect timing for me," Lewis continued. "At the same time, I understand the owners don’t want to overpay players, but you’ve got to do better negotiating. Try your best to save money."

Lewis isn't wrong, of course, but it's amusing to say he'd give back his $20 million a year contract in one breath, then scold owners for giving the deal to him in another.