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NBA 2k12 Rating: Gilbert Arenas Would Be Second-Best Player On Wizardss

The player ratings for each team for the new NBA 2k12 video game have been released on this video, and that includes those of the Washington Wizards. Here's a list of the Wizards players in the video:

So that's a bad team. Not that it's a surprise, mind you, but that roster is especially awful. In fact, it might be the worst roster in the entire game, save for maybe the Charlotte Bobcats.

But here's what's worse. As Bullets Forever notes, look which player garnered a 77 ranking.


Yup, that would be old friend Gilbert Arenas, coming in with a 77 ranking despite an abysmal year for the Orlando Magic last year. The game obviously believes Arenas would be the second-best player on the Wizards if he came back to D.C.