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Javaris Crittenton Released From Jail On $230,000 Bond

The trouble is not over for Javaris Crittenton, not by a long shot. But for the next month or so at least, he won't be behind bars. According to Marcus K. garner of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Crittenton was released on Bond on Tuesday in what is a somewhat surprising move.

“I guess the judge made the [bond] decision that he’s not a danger to the community, which is odd, given the charges,” said Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter. “It's not unheard of, but it's rare.”

Crittenton was released on 230,000 bond until the trial kicks of in October. Crittenton's attorney tried to call on as many character witnesses as possible during this bond case. One of those people was Paul Hewitt, Crittenton's coach at Georgia Tech who is now running the program at nearby George Mason.

“He doesn’t accept anything but the best from himself,” Hewitt said from the witness stand. “He’s not a young man that needs basketball to be successful.”