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John Wall's 21st Birthday Party Included Carmelo Anthony, Drake


John Wall turned 21 on Tuesday, and the celebration that resulted seemed kind of fun. Wall spent Thursday night partying in a New York nightclub called Greenhouse, a 6,000-square foot club build entirely from recyclable materials. Some of the celebrities in attendance include New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, Drake, Diddy and D.J. Khaled. Here are some photos if you're into looking at those sorts of things.

If you're wondering whether Wall had fun, all you have to do is visit his Twitter feed. That should tell you all you need to know. As for the shoes pictured above ...

... they're part of a special edition Grown Ass Man [sic.] line that Reebok is putting out. (Those are sic'd because they really should be "Grown-Ass Man," unless you think Wall likes big butts). Reebok shipped a pair to Wall earlier in the week, and Dime is reporting that they are going on sale in Raleigh, Wall's hometown, on Saturday.  That'll be your only chance to get them, so if you really want the shoes, be prepared to take a long drive.

(Via TBJ)