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Flip Saunders Should Be Fired As Wizards Coach, According To Several Agents

Though the Washington Wizards reportedly do not intend to fire coach Flip Saunders, some NBA player agents believe they should, reports Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner. During the Wizards' 92-73 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday, one agent texted Stouffer to say, "these guys need a new voice." Another said "looks bad. Time for Flip to go.

At 0-8, the Wizards are the league's only winless team remaining; every other squad has at least two victories. But losing is only part of Washington's problem: its players haven't improved either, a possible sign of poor leadership.

"John Wall doesn't seem to be showing improvement and signs of reaching his potential," a third agent told Stouffer, "and that's in part on the coach."

Saunders' record with Washington stands at 49-123 (.285), the worst in franchise history among coaches who lasted more than one season. Stouffer writes the Wizards' logic in keeping Saunders might be financial: Washington would owe Saunders the balance of this season's salary, plus his salary from 2012/13, in addition to what it would pay Saunders' replacement.

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