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VIDEO: JaVale McGee's Backboard Dunk, In Case You Missed It

The Washington Wizards' loss to the Houston Rockets on Monday, their 12th loss in 13 tries this season, was put on the backburner for the latest hot-button issue: did JaVale McGee showboat on this dunk attempt? With the Wizards down by six points early in the third quarter, McGee got the ball on a breakaway and decided to do this instead of going in for a normal dunk.

Such a horrible play, right? As you read here, it actually was, at least in the eyes of Flip Saunders and several others in the locker room. Those words indicate a bit of a split. These videos from CSN Washington back that up.

You may be asking why this is a big deal. That's a good question. The weird thing is that Saunders left McGee in the game after the play, taking him out because he was playing poor defense. Why not harp on that, and not the missed dunk? That's my question.

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