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Thunder Vs. Wizards: Nick Young Is Very Excited About His Defense On Kevin Durant

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Washington Wizards shocked the Oklahoma City Thunder, 105-102, on Wednesday, and one of the big reasons why was Nick Young's defense on Kevin Durant. Durant went just 1-5 from the field with two offensive fouls in the fourth quarter before scoring six points in the final 30 seconds of the game on desperation plays. It was a huge reason why the Wizards won.

Afterwards, Young was pretty excited about his accomplishment. Or, he was trying to rub it in everyone's face who thought he couldn't play defense. It's hard to tell when he's always smiling.

"Man, I just locked up one of the best players in the league, baby! For a quarter, you know?"

Earlier, he had rhetorically asked the scrum if they saw what he did on Durant. He even said he "just wanted to let y'all know" that he forced Durant into an air-ball. It's endearing and hilarious, but it also isn't the kind of thing you'll hear a lot of other pros say. They ten to say things like this:

"It's like every year, they say I can't do this, can't do that. I just got to go out there and prove people wrong. I hope people see how hard I played on defense tonight."

That was Young as well, but even that quote came with a smile on his face.

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