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George Karl Pretty Firmly Sides With Flip Saunders After Pam McGee's Criticism

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In case you missed it, Pam McGee, the mother of Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee, was pretty hard on coach Flip Saunders for his treatment of her son. Naturally, I had to ask Denver Nuggets coach George Karl for his thoughts on this very important sports matter.

Karl's answer was priceless.

"Let's see. Do I trust Flip Saunders, or do I trust a player's minutes to his mother's comments?"

Karl went on to say that Saunders is a great coach and that too many NBA players feel they are entitled to minutes instead of earning them. That part's predictable. The above line, though, was priceless.

Saunders, meanwhile, had this to say:

"We're happy with the development of where JaVale is. When you're look at him in college, he averaged 18 minutes a game. He comes into the NBA and he doesn't play much his first year, and he's had extensive play the last two years now. He's made a lot of improvement. We've worked with him, and I'm happy with where he's at. Everyone always wants more; that's just human nature. JaVale just has to keep on doing the things he does, from the standpoint of what we're doing with him development-wise. We're working with him every day and he's showing improvement, especially with his post game."

Veeeery diplomatic. For more, check out Bullets Forever.

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