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Bobcats Vs. Wizards: Your Periodical Stubhub Ticket Price Update

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The Washington Wizards play the Charlotte Bobcats in Randy Wittman's first game as the team's interim coach on Wednesday night. According to John Hollinger's latest playoff odds, the Wizards have a 0.2-percent chance of making the postseason and the Bobcats have a zero-percent chance. This promises to be a real barnburner.

Shockingly, tickets are cheap on StubHub. Here's where we stand as of 2 p.m.

Cheapest price, period:


Cheapest non-400s tickets:


Cheapest lower-bowl tickets.


THE BIG QUESTION: will we reach the season low of 30 cents per ticket, which happened at 5 p.m. on the day the Wizards played the Toronto Raptors? We have five hours to find out.

We'll have plenty more on this game throughout the day on SB Nation D.C. so keep it locked to this StoryStream. For more on the Wizards, as always, you can visit Bullets Forever. For more on the team across the court, you can head to Rufus on Fire, SB Nation's Charlotte Bobcats blog. For more on this and every NBA game please head to the SB Nation NBA hub page.