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ANIMATED: Jan Vesely Era Begins ... With An Air-Balled Foul Shot

Welcome to your first NBA game, Jan Vesely. Good job getting to the free throw line. Now just -- Oh. Oh, no ... Don't do that ...


(GIF via the follow-worthy @JohnCTownsend. Groans via the Verizon Center crowd.)

OK, wait for it: "That was a *foul* shot!" (SORRY, EVERYONE.)

The Wizards vs. T-Wolves game was an ugly contest (besides beautiful, beautiful Rick Rubio!), but this was maybe the ugliest moment. Oy.

Vesely finished with two points on a dunk in nine minutes. It wasn't all bad for the rookie, as TrueHoop's Mark Haubner noted he at least got to the line with a nice post move.

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