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NBA power rankings 2012: Wizards remain at the bottom of the polls

The Washington Wizards remain at the bottom of the majority of power ranking polls.


The Washington Wizards experienced little movement heading into Week 3 of the NBA season as the team remains near the bottom of virtually every power ranking poll.

At SB Nation's power poll curated by Seth Rosenthal, Washington remained at the No. 29 overall position. Having lost three more games this week to bring their season total to 0-5, Rosenthal looks on the bright side of the team's winless season and acknowledges that their young stars are getting substantial playing time, even if it is costing the team games now:

It might be a good thing in the long run for all these youngsters to be getting big, meaningful minutes in close games. For now, it's losing Washington all those close games.

The Wizards were also ranked at No. 29 in both ESPN's and's power rankings. Marc Stein of ESPN moved the team down one spot from last week and stated that Bradley Beal's improved performance this past week was largely the only positive thing about the early goings of Washington's year.

John Schuhmann at points to the team's matchup against the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday as a possible end to the team's five-game losing streak.