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NBA power rankings 2012: Wizards unanimously ranked as worst team

A cumulative look at where the Washington Wizards rank in this week's power polls. Do you agree with the rankings?

Rob Carr

The Washington Wizards were unanimously picked as the worst team in the NBA, according to power ranking polls by SB Nation,, and

Currently sitting in last place in the entire league, the Wizards are the only team left in the NBA who has yet to record a victory this season. Trailing the Miami Heat by 9.5 games for first place in the Southeast Division, the team has already registered three division losses this season.

Washington fell to the Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Bobcats last week, in addition to a blowout loss against the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night after the polls were published.

At SB Nation, curator Seth Rosenthal kept the team at the No. 30 position and issued a warning for anyone who may come into contact with a Wizards fan:

If you encounter any Wizards fans, take care and be prepared to defend yourself. They are stir-crazy, desperate, and quite possibly contagious., and all followed suit and kept the Wizards in the No. 30 overall position as well.