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Celtics vs. Wizards: Game time, TV schedule and more

Bradley Beal will make his Washington home debut on Saturday against the Celtics.

Jason Miller

The Washington Wizards will host the Boston Celtics in their home opener on Saturday night. Last season, the Celtics won in all four meetings with the Wizards.

Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards -- 7 p.m. -- CSN

Washington has not played since Tuesday, when they lost their season opener to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 94-84. In 2011-2012, the Wizards began their season with eight consecutive losses.

The Celtics have also struggled early in the season. Boston is 0-2, and their usually stellar defense has looked very weak. The Celtics started last season 0-3, but advanced to the Eastern Conference finals.

Bradley Beal is especially excited to make his home debut, after a lackluster showing in the season opener. Beal, who was selected third overall in the 2012 draft, was just 2-8 from the field, with eight points and three assists. Jordan Crawford led the Wizards in scoring on Tuesday with 11 points.

Washington will head to Boston to complete the home-and-home series on Wednesday.

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