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2012 NBA power rankings: Wizards 29th after opening week

The Washington Wizards are second-to-last in SB Nation's NBA power rankings after starting the new season with a pair of losses.


The first week of NBA action means that rankings have switched from speculative preseason rankings to power rankings based on, at least some, on court performance. The Washington Wizards, after an 0-2 start, are ranked 29th in the newest SB Nation NBA power rankings.

The Wizards dropped games to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics in the first week of the 2012-13 season.

"On one hand, they look pretty awful as currently composed," SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal wrote. " On the other hand, I love living in a world where Kevin Seraphin is a team's foremost threat. And yeah, I'm saying that somewhat snidely, but the guy's genuinely a whole bunch of fun and has already come a long way."

The French big man, Seraphin, has led the Wizards in scoring through the first two games, scoring 19 points and pulling down seven rebounds in his one game so far this season. Jordan Crawford is the other Washington player averaging in double digits, scoring 16 points per game thus far.

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