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2012 NBA power rankings: Wizards move out of cellar in some polls

A weekly round-up of where the Washington Wizards stand in the power ranking polls. Do you agree with the rankings?


The Washington Wizards remain in the bottom-five of power ranking polls, according to SB Nation,, and

Despite their low rankings, the team has been moved out of the No. 30 position in some of the polls.

Currently sitting in last place in the Southeast Division, the Wizards are 11 games back of the Miami Heat for first place. However, the team managed to record their second victory of the year last week against the Heat. Of course, they also dropped two games against the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors.

At SB Nation, curator Seth Rosenthal moved the team up one spot from last week's ranking to No. 29 overall. Citing the team's injury issues, Rosenthal felt compelled to improve their standing given the victory over Miami:

The fact that injuries only continue to pile up on this team -- Trevor Ariza, then A.J. Price, all while John Wall's timetable gets sketchier by the day -- is pretty cruel. On the other hand, they beat the goddamn Heat, and for that they get to step up a rank, if only for a week.

Marc Stein of handed the team their most generous ranking of the week as he boosted them two spots to No. 28 overall. Matt Moore of and John Schuhmann of were not as moved as Rosenthal or Stein as they kept the Wizards at No. 30 overall.