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Bradley Beal injury: Wizards guard heads to locker room, but later returns

The Wizards' Bradley Beal takes a hard fall on a dunk attempt against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night, but returns to action after going to the locker room.


Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal briefly left Tuesday night's game with the Atlanta Hawks in the third quarter after falling hard to the floor on a dunk attempt. The rookie was taken to the locker room for some evaluation, but was almost immediately cleared to return, eventually doing so early in the fourth quarter.

After spending some time on the floor, Beal was able to head to the locker room under his own power.

Beal went up for the dunk and was blocked on the attempt, sending him crashing to the floor, where he landed on his back and head simultaneously. Clearly being cautious, the Wizards immediately sent the young guard to the locker room. Beal quickly returned to the bench, however.

In 25 minutes, Beal was shooting well from the floor, making seven of his 13 attempts for 14 points. He also had three assists and three rebounds when he left the court on Tuesday night. Beal and backcourt mate Jordan Crawford had combined for 30 points as the third quarter came to a close against the Hawks.