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NBA standings 2012: Division leaders hold steady across the board

The teams atop the six divisions in the NBA haven't changed much in recent weeks. Could this be the most boring NBA season ever?


The standings in the Southeast Division, home to your Washington Wizards, haven't changed much since, oh, about the first week of the season. The Miami Heat are on top and have the best record in the Eastern Conference, and below them are the Atlanta Hawks, who are playing at a high level behind their two All-Star-caliber players, Al Horford and Josh Smith. Then come the terrible threesome of the Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats and, bringing up the rear, the Wizards at 4-23.

In the Atlantic Division, the Knicks, as they have been all season, are comfortably in first place, leading the Brooklyn Nets by 5.5 games after the Knicks lost on a crazy buzzer-beater in Sacramento and the Nets beat the Bobcats by 17 points.

In the Central, despite a woeful start, the Indiana Pacers are right where they were last season, in the lead in the division by a game over the .500 Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls. The Pacers and Bulls are still waiting for Danny Granger and Derrick Rose to come back from their injuries.

Out west, the San Antonio Spurs are out in front of the Southwest Division like they have been for about the past decade-and-a-half. Two-and-a-half games behind them are the Memphis Grizzlies, and six games back are the suddenly surging Houston Rockets.

In the Northwest Division, the Thunder yet again appear poised to blow away the field. At 22-6, they already have a 6.5-game lead over the Denver Nuggets. In the Pacific Division, the Clippers, still in the middle of a remarkable 16-game winning streak, pace the West Coast teams with a four-game lead over the Warriors and a nine-game lead over the Lakers.