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2012 NBA power rankings: Wizards No. 29 in latest rankings

The Washington Wizards have the worst record in the NBA, but were not No. 30 in some of the latest NBA power rankings.

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Having won just once in their last 10 games, the Washington Wizards continue to have the NBA's worst record, but Washington was not No. 30 in two of the latest NBA power rankings.

Both's John Schulmann and's Marc Stein ranked the Wizards No. 29. In both cases, the Wizards were ranked ahead of the Charlotte Bobcats who snapped an 18-game losing streak on Monday. Stein ranked Washington No. 29 for the second straight week. He cited Washington's win over Orlando on Friday as the main reason the Bobcats and not the Wizards took home the bottom spot.

Schulmann dropped the Wizards one spot after he ranked them No. 28 last week. New Orleans moved up to No. 27 dropping Washington and Cleveland down. The Wizards struggling offense and continued injury issues have not helped their cause.

While Washington avoided the bottom spot in two of the rankings, Washington was ranked No. 30 in USA Today's latest power rankings. The Wizards have been ranked either No. 29 or No. 30 in every week of USA Today's power rankings.