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ANIMATED: John Wall, Nick Young Celebrate Wizards' Win In Style

The Washington Wizards somehow scored 124 points to beat the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland on Tuesday night, in a game nobody could have predicted. The loss of Blazers superstar LaMarcus Aldridge had a lot to do with it, but that alone can't explain how the league's second-worst offense lit up the league's fourth-best defense on its home floor.

Afterwards, the Wizards celebrated in style. Thanks to @cjzero for both of these GIFs.

First up, here's Nick Young and Kevin Seraphin's great choreographed celebration.


That's pretty great, but is it as great as John Wall winking?


Tough call. What's not a tough call: the fact that winning is good for a team. Rebuilding or not, it always feels much better when the Wizards win.

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