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From Now On, Mo Evans Shall Be Known As Rich Blackman

Sarah Kogod of NBC Washington threw up one of her masterworks Wednesday, asking the Wizards what aliases they use (or used to use, anyway) when traveling. As you might expect, the results were comedic gold.

The whole idea of having aliases is to not be harassed while traveling. With that in mind, you'd want to pick a name that's common enough to sound generic, but not too generic. ("Bob Smith" just doesn't cut it, you see?)

Andray Blatche ("Bill Pickens") and Roger Mason, Jr. ("Doug Williams") score major points in this regard. But Mo Evans gets the square for reasons we'll reveal after the jump.

"Mine was Rich Blackman," Mo Evans added. "I stole it from Deion Sanders on his reality show. I saw him using it. I thought it was funny when the hotel would say, ‘Hey, Rich Blackman’."

A quick Google search shows that Evans is, in fact, black, and is owed a shade over $1.2 million this year. So we can only congratulate him on hitting the alias trifecta: generic enough, common enough, and self-descriptive.