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VIDEO: JaVale McGee Goaltending Is All-Timer

Get out of JaVale McGee's house, Francisco Garcia. (Oh, you can totally keep the points though.)

This one is going in the JaVale McGee anthology at the end of the season. It will then be sent to the Smithsonian. (Via CSN Washington)

UPDATE: Head coach Randy Wittman said after the game that he didn't yanked McGee for the goaltend, but for the defense that led to the goaltend. Wittman:

"What led to the goaltend? What was he supposed to be doing? See, that's the thing people don't understand and it's hard to explain, OK? What his job in the pick is, is not to let the guard get to the rim. Goaltending? That had nothing to do with it. OK? Nothing to do with it."

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