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Kings Vs. Wizards: Positive Pixels, Wicked Pixels From Pre-All-Star Break Meltdown

Kings Vs. Wizards Quick-Hit Recap: Take 100 seconds to catch up on the news, notes and must-see from last night's Wizards action -- good and bad -- with 'Postive Pixels, Wicked Pixels.' It's your morning-after Wizards hangover cure.

Usually we go positive first, but let's get right to the good stuff ... Optimists are welcome to scroll on down.

Negative Pixels

Nick Young is driving Randy Wittman mad. Young shot nine times in nine first-quarter minutes and finished with 17 points ... and 17 missed shots, including a 360-layup that drew the ire of his coach.

"We got guys going in for a layup and does a reverse 360 and misses the whole thing," Wittman said. "Crowd oohed and ahhed -- we didn't get any points out of it."

Young's response when asked if the coach was singling him out? "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Most definitely," Young said. "I was the only one who did it. I did that in the past. If it goes in, everybody's on my side. If I miss it then it's a bad shot."

JaVale McGee is the goaltending king of forever. No question this video is The Play of the Night from this game, whatever that means.

It's important to note that when Randy Wittman yanked McGee after this play, it wasn't for the bonehead goaltending. It's important to laugh -- and there are good LOLs to be had here -- but it's also neat to remember the utlimate goal is to win basketball games. via Wittman:

"What led to the goaltend? What was he supposed to be doing? See, that's the thing people don't understand and it's hard to explain, OK? What his job in the pick is, is not to let the guard get to the rim. Goaltending? That had nothing to do with it. OK? Nothing to do with it."

Postive Pixels

So this is what Jordan Crawford, instant-offense looks like. Crawford is one of the Wizards only offensive options off the bench, which at times seems to cause him to press for shots. For the most part on Wednesday, Crawford smart decisions -- the smartest being to attack Sacramento's defense-allergic guard Jimmer Fredette. He finished with 32 points and four assists.

• Fresh off a 21-9-11 performance, John Wall is headed to Orlando for All-Star weekend! Wizards fans can watch their franchise point guard in the Rookie/Sophomore(-ish) game and the Skills Challenge. John's excited, too!

"I'm not really focused about those," he said.

Oh, well OK. Wall added, "I get time to clear my mind, too."

We all do.

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