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NBA Trade Rumors: Wizards Trying To Trade Andray Blatche, According To Report

The Washington Wizards are desperately trying to trade forward Andray Blatche. Will they find a suitor before the March 15 deadline?

The Washington Wizards are desperately trying to trade forward Andray Blatche, according to Michael Lee at the Washington Post. Trying and doing are two completely different things in the case of Blatche. Teams are not exactly lining up for the chance to add a player that has missed a total of 16 games this season and shooting just 38 percent.

A strained calf has kept Blatche out of action for the Wizards' last 13 games. Strained relationships have kept him out of the city's good graces since the opening game of the season, after he publicly criticized his teammates and coaches for not getting him the ball that night.

Washington tried to deal Blatche last year, when he was having a far better season. Lee's report says a deal to send him to Charlotte in exchange for Tyrus Thomas was scuttled last month. He is owed $23 million after this season, another hurdle in making a deal.

If Washington cannot find a willing partner, they do have an amnesty clause in the contract with Blantche.

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