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VIDEO: Randy Wittman: 'I'm Done With Young Guys As An Excuse'

The Wizards fell to 7-27 on the season Tuesday night, losing 119-118 to the Milwaukee Bucks in a game that bore out the league-wide rule that when two mediocre-to-bad teams hook up, an unreasonably entertaining game will result.

The Wizards actually made the game close in the second half after giving up a whopping 67 first-half points. That's right, 67 first-half points to the Bucks, a display that was capped off by an abysmally foolish foul given by JaVale McGee on a three-point attempt at the first-half buzzer. Drew Gooden made two of the three foul shots, and look at that -- the Wizards lost by one.

McGee, Nick Young, and Trevor Booker didn't see the floor in the second half, and after the game we were treated to another delightful edition of Randy Wittman: Unplugged.

Quoth Randy: "I'm done with young guys [as an excuse]. If they don't want to play the right way, young guys aren't going to play. OK? It does us no good, they're not learning anything when they try to play the way they want to play. Doesn't do us any good. You're getting no development out of them. All right? If they're going in and playing the way they want to and the way they did in that first half."

And there's more. Oh, there's so much more. (via CSN Washington)