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Raptors Vs. Wizards Score Update: John Wall And Nick Young Build 15-Point Halftime Lead For Washington

The Washington Wizards are looking to avenge last week's ugly loss to the Toronto Raptors and improve to 2-1 this season against the league's only Canadian team. After 24 minutes at Verizon Center, things are looking good for the Wiz as they lead 57-42. Guards John Wall and Nick Young led Washington in a big 29-point first quarter in which the club shot 65 percent from the floor. They extended their ten point lead to 15 in the second quarter.

Wall finished with the half with 13 points and four assists while Young added 17 points on 7 of 12 shooting from the field. As a team, Washington is shooting 59.5 percent from the floor - a high mark for any team in any season, but especially abnormal for this team. In addition to the guards, Trevor Booker had an efficient first half hitting five of six shots to get into double figures.

On defense, the Washington backcourt has held Jose Calderon in check. The Spaniard has no points and only one assist so far tonight, just days after cutting up the Wizards for 17 dimes on Friday. Washington will look to keep the pressure on Calderon and keep up the hot shooting to get their fifth win of the season.

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