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Knicks Vs. Wizards Hangover: Positive Pixels, Wicked Pixels From Jeremy Lin Show

Knicks Vs. Wizards Quick-Hit Recap: Take 100 seconds to catch up on the news, notes and must-see from last night's Wizards action -- good and bad -- with 'Postive Pixels, Wicked Pixels.' It's your morning-after Wizards hangover cure.

Positive Pixels

John Wall: "John Wall for Jeremy Lin, straight up?" "No way the Knicks do it!" This is a joke that a lot of people made at the Verizon Center on Wednesday night. It's similar to a joke from earlier this season but with new words in place of [Ricky Rubio] and [T-Wolves]. I think people are mostly kidding.

Blame will probably be aimed at Wall for for Jeremy Lin's 23 points and 10 assists. It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: Wall is not the reason this team is losing. He's not without sin, of course, but settle down. He had 29 points and six assists.

Trevor Booker: Look who might be developing a little range on his jump shot. Booker hit two 20-footers in the first quarter. If he can continue to force his man to play him away from the basket and respect his shot fake, that' would be big for him and Wall. Booker finished 8-for-11 from the field with 17 points.

The Wizards big men took a lot of long jumpers while warming up before Saturday's game vs. the Clippers. I wonder if that's a point of emphasis.

• All-Star Weekend: John Wall was selected by the league's assistant coaches to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge. Last season, Wall was MVP of the Rookie-Sophomore Challenge, setting an assist-record for the contest.

Wall will be joined by Landry Fields, from the opposing locker room. But Knicks rookie Iman Shumpert was passed over. Mike D'Antoni, when told the assistant coaches select the roster: "That's probably why they're assistants."

Wicked Pixels

Help Defense: Toss up! Who is the most stuck-in-cement Wizard in this video ...

• Linsanity: What else, right? The Jeremy Lin Traveling Circus™ made a stop town and turned the Verizon Center into a personal cheering section. ... Actually this was only wicked for the Wizards fans watching on TV at home. The arena was loving it.

Insult to Defeat: Wizards interim coach Randy Wittman said he got a text after the game from his son, who played against Lin at Cornell. "He told me they did a much better job than we did guarding him," Wittman said. Ouch.

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