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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Wizards Will Trade Anyone Other Than John Wall, According To Report

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, rumors are swirling about deals across the league, and names of players currently in a Washington Wizards uniform keep popping up. It has been reported Washington is looking to move enigmatic forward Andray Blatche, but have yet to get any takers. JaVale McGee's name has been mentioned, though Washington may retain their inconsistent big man in the offseason. Apparently, it is not just those two Wizards being shopped. Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

That's right folks, anyone not named John Wall is available in a trade. This feels like the NBA version of a yard sale, complete with sad, unwanted belongings clogging up a driveway. Hopefully Ernie Grunfeld can get something in return if he makes any deals.

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