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2012 NBA Trade Deadline: Wizards Interested In Andrew Bogut?

The Washington Wizards are going to be sellers at the NBA Trade Deadline this year, but there is no reason that they can't also acquire some talent when they are shipping out some of their players. That includes Andrew Bogut, a player that the Milwaukee Bucks have put on the trading block and who's defense and heady play would be a welcome addition to the Wizards. According to Ken Berger at CBS, the Wizards have made an attempt to acquire Bogut but have so far been unsuccessful.

Milwaukee also has discussed various trade scenarios with Washington for Bogut, but while that would be another acceptable destination to the 7-foot Australian, the Wizards' overtures thus far have been shot down. Washington, however, could re-enter the fray depending on how the complicated possibilities with Golden State, Orlando and Houston play out over the next 48 hours.

I think most teams are waiting for the Magic to decide whether or not they are going to trade Dwight Howard, and that decision will lead to a lot of a moves before the trade deadline. Bogut would be a nice addition to the Wizards, but he is rarely healthy.

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