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Nene Trade: Nuggets Had 'Buyer's Remorse' About Brazilian's Contract, According To Report

Back in December, the Denver Nuggets signed Nene to a massive $67 million extension. He was the Nuggets' leading rebounder this season until his trade to the Washington Wizards at the NBA trade deadline, but it's telling that they were looking to get out of his contract so soon after inking it. According to Ken Berger at CBS, they had some 'buyer's remorse' quickly after signing the big man's big extension.

But wait, there's more! Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick elaborated on Berger's tweet, claiming that the Nuggets have offered Nene in a swap to other teams.

It's understandable that the Wizards wanted to make changes to their roster and deal JaVale McGee instead of paying him eight figures per year or letting him go without getting something back, but it's fair to wonder whether or not they will soon have the same 'buyer's remorse' that Denver experienced before trading Nene.

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