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JaVale McGee's Mother Sends Oddly Encouraging Texts

Thursday's trade brought an end to the JaVale McGee Experience in Washington D.C. It also brought an end to the Pam McGee Experience in Washington D.C., as mother and son will no doubt take their close relationship to Denver.

We should point out that we don't actually believe that Pam McGee ever willingly exercised a malign influence over the Wizards. By all accounts, Mrs. McGee is a very nice person who happens to be very devoted to her son's basketball career. In that respect, she's a lot like most parents across America.

But on the other hand, Mrs. McGee didn't seem to have a political bone in her body. By that, we mean that most basketball parents wouldn't have given long-range interviews to Mike Wise while their son's team was 1-12. Pam McGee did, referring to her son as "the future of the NBA." And we must say if JaVale McGee is the future of the NBA, then right about here is where we'll get off and throw on some of those old Celtics DVDs we have lying around.

JaVale McGee arrived in Denver today as a full-fledged member of the Nuggets, and Mrs. McGee apparently texted him some encouragement, which McGee shared on his Twitter account.

Ah, mothers.