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JaVale McGee: 'I'm Not A Loser Just Because I Was On A Losing Team'

Former Washington Wizard, current Denver Nugget JaVale McGee might make his debut for his new team Saturday night against the Boston Celtics (assuming that all parties have taken their physicals and officially completed the trade). Michael Lee of the Washington Post caught up with McGee and coaxed this juicy little quote out of him.

Well, then.

McGee's new coach in Denver will be George Karl. Why is this important? Well, the Nuggets came to town back in January, soon after the Post published the infamous Mike Wise interview with Pam McGee. SB Nation's Mike Prada asked Karl if he agreed with Mrs. McGee's criticism of then-coach Flip Saunders' handling of her son's minutes. This is how Karl responded.

"Let's see. Do I trust Flip Saunders, or do I trust a player's minutes to his mother's comments?"

Welcome to Denver, JaVale! Seems to us like you still have a long way to go to prove your own hype.